TestRX Review 2023 | We Have Tried it for 3 Months - Side Effects & Results


TestRX Review 2023 | We Have Tried it for 3 Months - Side Effects & Results

Today’s article deals with a purely “male” nutritional supplement, TestRX, aiming at boosting the hormone testosterone produced by organisms (endogenous testosterone).

Could we identify the target group for this specific supplement?

Surely yes. Every man, over the age of 35, feels tired, lethargic, lower sexual mood, depression, loss of muscle ribbing and difficulty in concentration.

Men’s menopause is a great reality, unfortunately coming with no consequences.

Progressive reduction of testosterone produced by male organisms as years go by, eventually leads to andropause, where symptoms become obvious and clear.

Menopause may be an inevitable part of a man’s life, but there is a way to delay it.

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TestRX provides the solution

In the following lines, we reveal the PROS and CONS of this supplement, along with the reasons for recommending it. 

Is it suitable for you?

Which benefits offers

Which problems or complications might cause

What you should know before purchase

Presentation starts step by step. 

TestRX, Company and Important Information

TestRX is a product of Leading Edge Health LTD., a truly nutritional supplement company, with many well-known products available in the market as:

VigRX Plus (Male Enhancement Supplement)

● GenF20 Plus (Growth Hormone Production Booster Supplement)

● Semenax (Semen Quality & Supplement Enhancement Supplement)

● Provacyl (Andropause Symptom Supplement)

● Rect Erectin (Rapid Male Enhancement Supplement)

● Cle Curcleve (Body Immunity Supplement)

● Extenze (Male Enhancement & Sexual Performance Supplement)

● Vest Provestra (Libido Female Enhancement Supplement)

● Profollica (Effective Reduction Supplement – up to 90% – for Male Baldness)

● SemEnhance (Sperm Flavor Supplement)

This company, considered as one of the most famous and remarkable in the world, provides by its name a guarantee of quality / safety / efficiency.

TestRX is a supplement of natural composition (not any chemicals added), not requiring a prescription.

It is safe for daily use even over long terms, and no cases of users with serious side effects reported to date, provided application of preparation’s correct use according to the company’s instructions.

(Note: Cases with mild side effects may occur in rare situations and usually have to do with either personal allergies or food intolerances.)

TestRX – as a powerful booster of testosterone production – works on 3 key levels enhancing:

● the individual’s sexual performance

● the body’s muscle ribbing

● and individual’s athletic performance 

Its composition of beneficial natural herbs, nutrients, minerals and vitamins, works based on the theory of “holistic therapy” and “revitalizes” in a way the organism, to return to its past youth.

Administration of the supplement is (relatively) easy including 4 capsules per day, while the purchase of the product is extremely simple (filling out an order form on product’s official website).

TestRX – PROS (+) and CONS (-)

What we need at start is a thorough review of TestRX, revealing the PROS (+) and CONS (-), so justifying if this testosterone boosting supplement is good for you or not. 

PROS (+)

  • A 100% natural supplement, of highest quality natural ingredients, nutrients and vitamins.
  • Provides a 60-day money back guarantee, offering the advantage and freedom of trying the product, with no reservations of losing your money.
  • Apart from boosting the natural production of testosterone – enhances the production of another very important hormone, the Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
  • An ideal booster supplement for every man over 35 years old. 
  • Leading Edge Health LTD. ensures secure transactions with special encryption.
  • Its composition includes ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate) for boosting the mass of produced testosterone.

CONS (-)

  • Traces of gelatin contained are not in line with the vegan diet.
  • Not available in retail stores or pharmacies.
  • Not identical capacity of action in every person (reasonable fact, happens with all dietary supplements).
  • A number of ingredients appear to be repetitive.
  • No discounts offered in purchases of multiple products

TestRX – Results – We have Tried it For 3 Months


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Our review – aiming to be 100% objective – comes from a compilation of results / reports / reviews found online on TestRX supplement.

This means that this report is a sort of the average of positive effects from the use of the supplement, with probably greater or smaller benefits experienced.

Here is a summary of conclusions reached following studying dozens of user reviews:

  • No immediate results, it is not a quick-acting pill (like Viagra), but a step-by-step booster pill. Most users experienced almost no benefit during the 1st week of use, while from the 2nd week they started to enjoy significant benefits.
  • Maximum gains from the use of the supplement – in most – become visible after the completion of the 2nd month of use. A large number of users report massive energy gains and a huge improvement in their physical endurance and muscle strength.
  • In general, erections are much harder and of longer duration (at full size and maximum hardness)
  • A significant improvement in sexual desire (libido), with the person becoming sexually active again. 
  • Many users refer to strengthening their psychology and significantly improving their mood and the way they manage their daily life.
  • A number of users also report enhanced cognitive ability, greater self-concentration, enhanced perception, better memory and improved analytical ability.
  • Though in essence the supplement does not help to enlarge the penis (in length and thickness), the increase in hardness leads to benefits relating to final size of penis (but also in shape) during a full erection.
  • Persons with obvious sleep problems experienced a great improvement in quantity and quality of sleep.

TestRX – Ingredients

If not convinced yet, a quick look at the ingredients will chase away any doubts of the quality and effectiveness of this supplement. 

Even someone not familiar with chemistry can understand the powerful formula of this natural testosterone booster.

Confident of its product the company, Leading Edge Health LTD., offers a 60-day money back guarantee to try TestRX pills.

Below are the ingredients found / dose:

● ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate / Magnesium Aspartate / Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine)

● Fenugreek Seed Extract (50% Saponins) 300 mg

● Vitamin D3 1,140 IU

● Vitamin K2 (MK4) 20 mcg

● Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) 5 mg

● Magnesium (Magnesium Aspartate) 200 mg

● Zinc (Zinc Monomethionine) 10 mg

● D-Aspartic Acid 2,300 mg

Let’s see the action of each ingredient individually.  

ZMA – A powerful (natural) mixture for enhancing men’s health, consisting of zinc, magnesium and a vitamin (vitamin B6).

A very popular ingredient found in a variety of nutritional supplements, thanks to promoting weight loss, burning body fat, strengthening the body’s energy reserves, improving the quality of sleep, but also boosting the male sexual performance.

Used not only in sports and weight loss supplements, but also in male enhancement and anti-erectile dysfunction supplements as well.

Magnesium is an important and very beneficial metal for the organism involved in many biochemical reactions, some of which are also concerned with securing the necessary energy reserves.

Contributes greatly to the proper functioning of organisms, the production of proteins, the breakdown of glycogen and the strengthening of bone density.

Its inclusion in a dietary supplement (especially for athletes) is very important, as it decreased significantly through heavy sweating.

Zinc is another metal of great importance. Basic trace element, used mainly by the organism for a variety of biochemical processes and involved in a large number of enzymes.

Contributes to the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, while also plays a key role in cell reproduction.

In addition, it is very beneficial as it promotes the rapid healing of wounds and inflammations.

The third element of ZMA mixture is Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine, another element used by the organism for its metabolic processes. 

Along with zinc and magnesium, they are a powerful supplement for boosting metabolism (and therefore weight loss), boosting the immune system and the energy (and therefore athletic & sexual endurance), but also a powerful supplement for boosting brain / cognitive function.

Vitamin K – also known as the “next Vitamin D” – has recently come to light, becoming increasingly interesting.

Its ever-increasing benefits discovered by scientists make it highly nutritious justifying its presence in any dietary supplement.

Specifically, Vitamin K in the form found in TestRX – that is, in form of Vitamin K2 (MK4) – is a form of vitamin K produced by bacteria, located in the large and small intestine and transported to the vessels (to their walls), to tissues (except those of the liver), as well as to the bones.

It has a very limited half-life (less than 1 hour). Following consumption, it reaches the intestine where it is absorbed and participates in the process of blood clotting.

Finally, it plays an important role in maintaining testosterone levels (and other beneficial hormones for organisms) and in heart and bone health.

Vitamin D3 – It is one of the most well known vitamins, also known as the “vitamin of the sun”.

D3, plays a key role in bone health and in the psychology / mood of the person (considered as important in the fight against depression), energy levels and muscle ribbing, important for the smooth functioning of more than 2,000 genes and – in addition to all aforementioned benefits – provides anti-cancer protection in organism.

Found in a few foods (mainly of animal origin), so people following a vegan or vegetarian diet are likely to present a deficiency of it.

D-Aspartic Acid – is one of TestRX ingredients with the highest content and this is by no means accidental.

D-aspartic Acid is a favorite supplement of every bodybuilder (and athlete in general), due to promoting a mass production of the male hormone testosterone by the testicles, increasing the androgenic and anabolic action of the organism and improving the user’s athletic and sexual performance significantly.

However, in addition to improving endurance, it also promotes enhanced testosterone and sperm production (quantitatively and qualitatively).

Enhances the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH).

The last, but very important natural ingredient found in TestRX blend is Fenugreek.

An ingredient / superfood coming to the new nutritional fashion of health and wellness.

It is very beneficial especially for men, as it enhances endogenous testosterone and increases sexual drive / endurance / performance, working as an alternative / natural treatment for erectile dysfunction and as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Furthermore, it seems that it can significantly increase the body’s energy levels while at the same time reduces stored fat by promoting its metabolic process.

“Holistic” approach – Suggestions for strengthening of male body 40+


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Holistic therapy is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

However, what it is and what imposes

Has any healing properties?

Trying to give the meaning of the word “holistic” – we find that it comes from the Greek words “Total – all – Global”, that is, covering all aspects of the subject.

In other words, the holistic therapeutic method advocates a “universal” treatment of the organism, a treatment considering that physical medicine is not sufficient, also looking and pursuing the form  and seeks the treatment of the soul, of the emotional, spiritual and mental world.

Many rush to call such a method “naive”, but the large fanatical audience of the method proves its effective power.

It would be sufficient to understand that the organism cannot be an independent entity from spirit, soul and thought.

Shocking proof of how intense stress can affect for example an erection. Many financial problems can lead to inability to concentrate and chaotic thinking. 

Besides, any possible loss (for example the loss of a close and loved person) can even lead to heart attack and death.

It is therefore self-evident that our body functions as a whole and needs treatment as such. 

Therefore, according to the holistic healing method it would be incomplete to try “helping”, to “strengthen” or to “heal” our organism without taking care to help / strengthen / heal our soul and mind.

As communicating vessels, need to be in balance, for performing well.

Unlike Western Medicine focusing only and clearly on the body, holistic therapy uses a variety of natural methods aiming at achieving this balance of body, mind and mental world.

This is what the TestRX supplement is looking for, which in a natural way and with premium ingredients, strengthens the body, stimulates the mental world and improves mental capacity.

How is it done? By boosting the testosterone produced.

TestRX – Worth Trying?

Following all the study mentioned above I reached a positive opinion and here is why.  

Every man over the age of 40 has already crossed that imaginary line separating him from his youth, gradually going to an old age.

The first signs of change noticed do not please any man.

Hair thinning or baldness, loss of strength, decreased endurance, depression and bad psychology, decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, inability to concentrate, reduced cognitive ability and poor memory.

Testosterone Booster TestRX is a 100% natural and safe way to re-stimulate your tired & “abandoned” organism in a universal way (body – mind – soul).

Its strong but highly effective androgenic / anabolic composition gives a huge boost of energy and strength to your body, which – almost from the very first uses – you feel is lighter and more efficient. Like some good old years ago.

The beneficial herbs, nutrients and vitamins contained strengthen your organism, increase your cognitive function and stimulate your memory.

In addition, this rejuvenation brought by TestRX, offers to your body and mind great stimulation to your psychology. The good and quality sleep promoted by TestRX will make sure that your nervous system is calm and your mood is good every day.

Actually, if you combine the holistic treatment offered by TestRX supplement with a proper diet and regular physical activity, you enjoy huge benefits, translated as net profit in years.

TestRX – An expensive treatment?

In general, this is a very affordable treatment for everyone.

With a cost of USD 69.99 per package, (each package offers treatment for 1 month), we would say that it is not impossible.

In fact, if you consider that with 1 pack and USD 69.99 / month you ensure stimulation of your body, mind and psychology, this is very economical as a suggestion!

Purchase of the product from the official website might offer special financial offers and discounts (subject to change in regular periods).

TestRX – Any side effects or risks?

TestRX is a natural supplement with no side effects. Its use is safe and does not require a prescription or special medical monitoring (clearly speaking for adults and perfectly healthy persons, with no health problems, not receiving medication for any reason and for any condition).

However – this being very serious and important – we should not ignore the rules of safe use for any dietary supplement, meaning that no matter how safe the ingredients of a supplement are,  does not mean that a supplement’s incorrect application and careless and consistent use cannot harm you.

Here is the explanation. First the rule. We do not take dietary supplements with no medical advice and guidance in case we have health problems or administration of any medication.

In this case – even the most harmless and beneficial ingredient – can be fatal to any existing condition or can interact with any component of the medication administered.

Therefore, it’s important to consult a doctor if you experience such a condition before entering the process of taking any new dietary supplement.

Another case requiring special attention is that of people with allergies or food intolerances. People of similar nutritional sensitivities should be very cautious about taking any new supplement and should contact their doctor at the first sign of side effects or nutritional intolerances.

Minors, strictly excluded from the use of supplements, especially if not prescribed by a specialist.

Speaking specifically about the natural supplement TestRX – though 100% natural supplement – it is not intended to replace a balanced and proper diet, or to replace a proper & healthy lifestyle including nutritious diet, regular physical activity, adequate sleep and competent cognitive “education”.

Its action is purely supportive and helpful in an already existing healthy lifestyle aiming at the wellness of entire human existence (mind, body & soul).

All TestRX ingredients – though received from nature with not any chemical additives – could in certain cases cause side effects in people with health problems.

For example, people with kidney failure or other kidney disease contraindicate Fenugreek for use, as well as persons suffering from diabetes, or even people taking antidepressants or anticoagulants.

Similarly, a magnesium overdose may lead to side effects such as gastrointestinal problems, nausea, cardiovascular disease, kidney toxicity, muscle weakness, mental confusion, lethargy, difficulty in breathing and death.

People with impaired kidney function (due to abuse) are at a high risk for kidney toxicity, as they find it more difficult to remove excess magnesium from their organism.

Furthermore, excessive daily dosing of Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) can cause serious sleep disorders as well as other health problems.

Note: You understand how important it is to be careful when taking nutritional supplements (even of 100% natural composition like TestRX), so as to avoid unpleasant & unexpected organic reactions.

TestRX – Time necessary for real benefits  

As mentioned earlier, TestRX is not a chemical product or a medicine aiming at fighting any disease. 

Neither does replace a healthy lifestyle. Not an anabolic steroid and not acting as an anabolic steroid.

Despite its strong natural androgenic / anabolic action, it’s still a natural organic booster and nothing more.

Therefore, if you expect to use the pill and have all your problems disappear, as if in a miracle, don’t even waste your time trying it.

TestRX, is aiming at a holistic therapeutic / supportive approach of the entire organism, soul, mind and body.

Its ultimate goal is to achieve balance in the organism, wellness and health enhancement at a much more essential level.

TestRX is not aiming at a temporary hard erection, but at preventing the problem of erectile dysfunction by fighting the causes leading to it (andropause, hormonal insufficiency, bad psychology, stress, poor physical condition, brain dysfunction, lack of quality sleep, poor diet).

To achieve a similar goal requires time, patience, dedication and effort.

However, the time required is relative and varies among users. This is the reason for meeting users with testimonies of having visible benefits from the very first week of use, while some others had to spend 1-2 months to have a clear picture of improvement in their organism.

The majority of users repost great benefits especially after the 1st month of TestRX use, including:

  • enhanced libido
  • erectile function improved
  • sperm quality improved
  • enhanced orgasms
  • elevated muscle ribbing 
  • energy reserves increased
  • Improved endurance (athletic and sexual)
  • enhanced bone density
  • better quality sleep
  • enhanced cognitive function
  • enhanced psychology & mood

The first benefits found following the use of the supplement (from the very first days of use) relate to your physical condition, aerobic endurance, muscular strength, energy and ability to concentrate.

Gradually you will begin to develop greater muscle ribbing, elevated mental health and balance, so enjoying benefits physically, mentally and psychological to a more important and substantial degree.

If not satisfied, could I claim my money back?


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Yes. Your company provides a 67-day Money Back Guarantee, that is, 2 entire months to “test” the product if it works for your organism, with not any worries on the money spent.  

The creators of TestRX are 100% sure of its effectiveness and this shows in practice.

Now you too can experience the power and physical superiority of a bodybuilder, the sexual drive of a Casanova, the energy and endurance of a 20-year-old teenager.

TestRX – Is it a steroid?

Definitely not, as the TestRX supplement has absolutely anything to do with steroids.

To state that clearly, steroids are chemicals imitating the action of natural hormone testosterone.

This is why many in the sports world (in the past and even today) used steroids illegally to improve their athletic performance, physical endurance, muscle mass, body weight, capability, perception and thinking that would give them a lead in a competition.

TestRX supplement, however, does not contain any synthetic substances, in its composition but just herbs, vitamins and nutrients, not providing the organism with synthetic hormones. 

Instead, assisted by natural elements, attempts to enhance the production of these natural hormones.

This is why we referred to the case of TestRX as a holistic approach to the situation.

The aim is to rejuvenate the organism so it could remain functional, active and efficient, relying on its own forces, at every level of everyday life, in work obligations, family commitments, sports and sex life.

Do I have to be a Bodybuilder to use it?

No. Nevertheless, prior to analyzing the reasons that it’s not important if you are a bodybuilder or not, whether you work or not, here is a very important explanation.

TestRX – as emphasized repeatedly – is not a steroid anabolic.

It may act as such, not causing, however, any of the other anabolic side effects known. 

Therefore, its use is legal, with no fear or risk of side effects by:

  • Any men of all ages requiring a sex life stimulation 
  • men regardless of age wishing to have support in their training performance
  • men of all ages who want muscle mass increase
  • men wishing to manage their body weight
  • men in need of more energy in their daily lives
  • older men (over 40) who want to prevent and treat the symptoms of menopause

Clarifying this very important point about TestRX usefulness, we return to the original question.

This particular supplement – of a composition containing superfoods, vitamins and nutrients only aims at nothing more than a “stimulation” of the organism so functions more efficiently.

Therefore, it’s by no means necessary to be a bodybuilder to use TestRX (or any corresponding natural testosterone booster).

Administration of this natural supplement – regardless of period of use – provokes no risk of causing:

  • hormonal disorder
  • cancer
  • abnormal body volume
  • intoxication
  • addiction
  • Side effects of anabolic steroids

How could I order TestRX being sure it is genuine?


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→ Click Here to Visit The Official Website of TestRX

It’s known that legal and illegal supplements are available in the market.

To be sure, you order the authentic (and safe) TestRX supplement we recommend to place your order on its official website.

This is the way to ensure a proper nutritional supplement and a profitable and secure transaction.

The company (Leading Edge Health) guarantees the clinically tested components of TestRX and confirms that by offering a 67-day money back guarantee. 

In addition, rewards the fanatical users of TestRX with significant financial offers in multi-buy purchases, to satisfy your sports and sexual requirements and your pocket in the end.

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