In recent years, Dave Callaham has found success as a screenwriter, with credits on films such as Shang-Chi and Wonder Woman 1984.

#10. It started as a different project

The creators of 'The Expendables' discovered Callaham's script. Sylvester Stallone was eager to do an ensemble action film in 2006 when he saw Callaham's script for Barrow.

Dolph Lundgren and Ivan Drago in Rocky IV were both action stars.

#8. It was a return for a former action star

Stallone wanted some locals to portray soldiers in The Expendables, which was shot in Brazil.

#7.Stallone got some casting help

Rourke was filming The Expendables while also playing the villain in Iron Man 2.

#6. Mickey Rourke was not around much

Stallone had a broken tooth, ankle injuries, and a cracked bone in his neck while filming The Expendables.

#5.Stallone was put through the wringer

Stallone approached Sully Erna, the frontman of Godsmack, to write a song for the film.

#4. Two songs written for the film didn’t make the cut

Fans of action movies from the 1980s and 1990s were expected to flock to watch The Expendables.

#3. It was a big hit

The Expendables director's cut premiered on Epix over Memorial Day weekend in 2011.

#2. North Dakota

The Expendables 2 — starring Jean-Claude Van Damme! — was released in theatres in 2012.

#1. There have been two sequels