Pitch Perfect appealed to both a cappella detractors and fans. It's a small comedy with a large impact.

Pitch Perfect based on book named as The Quest for College a Cappella Glory.

One of the book's teams makes a cameo appearance in the film. Virginia Hullabahoos get a cameo.

It was the screenwriter's debut feature. Pitch Perfect's screenplay was written entirely by Kay Cannon.

The director was also making his debut; this was Jason Moore's first film.

Comedy was prioritised in the casting. Their goal was to find actors who could perform comedy, dance, and sing.

Beca's first choice was Anna Kendrick. "The most exquisite, elegant, balanced, sublime performance," he said.

Adam DeVine was fired from his TV show Pitch Perfect. The comedy of Pitch Perfect isn't always high-brow.

Banks and Higgins had previously collaborated. This was not the first time Banks and Higgins appeared in a film as coworkers.