It took a while to get Marvel’s X-Men on the big screen. A screenplay was first written in 1984 by Marvel writers Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas for Orion.

The idea first sparked in the 1980s

At the end of the 1980s, Stan Lee turned to a couple of filmmakers who definitely could have handled an X-Men movie.

Two big names then worked on it

Robert Rodriguez was given the chance to direct X-Men, but he declined. Then, they offered the gig to Paul W.S. Anderson.

A couple directors turned it down

We mentioned Walker, who wrote the first couple of drafts. Famed novelist Michael Chabon threw in a six-page treatment at one point.

So many writers worked on the project

Because Of Budget Nightcrawler, Beast, and Pyro were all removed from the X-Men story in order to get the go ahead for the movie.

A few characters were cut

Jim Caviezel was the original actor cast for Cyclops, but then he backed out due to scheduling conflicts with his movie Frequency.

Two actors dropped out after being cast

When Crowe turned down the role of Wolverine, the actor recommended a friend of his: Hugh Jackman.

'X-Men' ended up making a star

DeSanto wanted that to be the case in the film, but it was decided they should wear black leather as well.

They decided to nix the iconic outfits

X-Men didn’t get close to the original Christmas 1998 release, and it was then moved to Christmas 2000. Then, it was moved again.

The film was moved up