If all goes according to plan, Baylor should win a high-caliber game against BYU because BYU has a difficult schedule and typically wins most of such games.

10. Baylor

The goal for OU is to defeat a likely ranked conference opponent in the late stages of the season while avenging its loss to Baylor from the previous year.

9. Oklahoma

Ask Penn State in 2021 or Ohio State in 2017, both of which lost their seasons after visiting Iowa.

8. Michigan

Which teams advance to the Pac-12 championship game will be significantly influenced by the outcome of last year's rematch.

7. Utah

Amid the offseason fight between Jimbo and Saban, the Aggies already had a pivotal game against the dynasty of the twenty-first century.

6. Texas A&M

The Irish are 0-1 as almost every expert and bookmaker predicts, but with multiple top opponents coming up on the schedule, there is still hope.

5. Notre Dame

Clemson would prefer the Irish be at one loss at best for this game and for itself to be perfect to get the most out of it.

4. Clemson

The Bulldogs should be unbeaten going into Lexington late in the season if they upset Oregon in the season opener.

3. Georgia

The only opponent on the Buckeyes' schedule with a squad that can truly compete with what OSU is putting on the field should be Notre Dame.

2. Ohio State

Alabama needs to win this game in order to prove to the nation that it still rules the SEC West and can hold off the division's up-and-comer.

1. Alabama



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