Eli Manning Has A 5-Word Response For Russell Wilson

Earlier this week, retired NFL quarterback Eli Manning made waves when he stated that the Broncos should have paid punter Corliss Waitman with Russell Wilson's money.

Manning - unnecessarily - explained that it was a joke. "I think usually, ‘Hey, it’s live TV.’ I never try to take a serious attack at anyone. I think that was obviously a really ridiculous joke — because a punter had 10 punts. Nothing against Russell. He’s going to do fantastic."

Wilson took the comment playfully and shot back at Manning's "tryout" with the Penn State Nittany Lions under the moniker Chad Powers.

"You mean Chad Powers?" Wilson questioned. "I'm 3-0 against Chad Powers." Next it was Manning's turn to answer. "Well played Russell...well played," he said.

It's fantastic to see the two were able to keep things lighter without taking anything too literally.

Wilson, though, will have to earn his money this weekend against a tough Las Vegas Raiders team that's hunting for its first win.

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