Xiaolang Zhang pled guilty to stealing trade secrets from Apple, where he worked from 2015 to 2018 on a self-driving car project (via CNBC).

When he left Apple, he informed his boss that he would be working for Guangzhou Xiaopeng Motors Technology, a Chinese EV startup also known as Xpeng.

During an inquiry, which you can read about here, Apple discovered that he had transmitted approximately 24GB 

"very troublesome" material to his wife's laptop via AirDrop, as well as circuit boards and a server from the company's autonomous vehicle lab.

Zhang pled guilty to the solitary crime of theft of trade secrets included in his indictment. (uploaded by CBNC)

Despite the fact that examples of trade secret theft have been reported for numerous years, Apple has yet to launch a self-driving automobile.

According to recent rumours, it might be unveiled in 2025, but it appears that Apple has struggled with the project.

Reports have painted a picture of a team that’s had to deal with high turnover for both engineers and leadership.



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