How to wine taste like a professional

It’s crucial to ensure that your palate is cleansed and hydrated. You also shouldn’t brush your teeth soon before wine tasting

Prepping the palate

Glassware is of vital importance in wine tasting. You do not need an expensive glass, but make sure you use a classically-shaped, clean wine glass.


Read the label and check at the wine inside the bottle.

Get informed

It is time to pour some wine. Now, is the wine clear or gloomy? Clear wine usually suggests it has been filtered.

Pour a glass of wine

Tilt the glass against anything white, preferably. Young wines should have a transparent ring on top, while more ripe wines will look thicker.


The richer and deeper the color is, the older the wine normally is, and vice versa. This will also give you a rough indication of the wine's body.


If you swirl the glass and then stop you will observe that the wine will create tears or legs as the wine flows down.

The legs or tears

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