NASA captures photographs on Neptune's Rings

The James Webb Telescope captured its first photo of Neptune, the clearest image of the planet in over 30 years.

The telescope was able to see multiple of Neptune's rings, which are made from dust & ice.

The newest photos, which were taken in July and released on Wednesday, show Neptune’s thin rings, its weak dust bands, and seven of the planet’s known moons.

The photographs are the first that have been acquired since NASA’s Voyager 2 completed a flyby in 1989, meaning it has been more than three decades since scientists have examined Neptune’s rings with such clarity, according to the Associated Press.

NASA launched its Webb Telescope less than a year ago, investing $10 billion into delving deep into the universe and acquiring never-before-seen photos.

Astronomers hope it will allow them gaze back into the beginning of time when stars and galaxies started to form.

The views of Neptune come a month after NASA revealed new Webb photographs of Jupiter that show the gas giant in detail, exposing its rings and auroras occurring at its north and south poles.

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