New Jersey high school football player dies 2 weeks after injury during game

A New Jersey high school football player died Wednesday after he was critically hurt in a game earlier this month.

Linden High School Sophomore Xavier McClain, 16, sustained an apparent head injury while returning a kickoff at the beginning of the second half in a game against Woodbridge High School on Sept. 9.

Following the injury, an ambulance was driven on to the ground to attend to McClain. According to News 12 New Jersey, who spoke to Linden's mayor, McClain remained in a coma for about two weeks at University Hospital.

With your prayers, Xavier fought a good fight. In the end, he died to the injuries that he got a couple weeks ago while playing football during the LHS Tigers’ game vs Woodbridge.

This news hurts since I have known his parents, Lisa and Norm for years, Xavier and Andres, their two sons, since they were small boys,” Armstead stated.

McClain carried for 18 yards, caught a pass and made four tackles on defence. Linden won the game 31-0.

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