When McDaniels was the head coach of the Broncos in 2009, he made an eye-opening comment about the team's decision to trade away Jay Cutler.

"Fellas, don't worry about the QB situation, I can turn an HS QB into an All Pro," McDaniels said to the rest of the team, according to Polumbus.

"The disrespect from Patriots coaches behind the scenes to @TomBrady over the years has been incredible," Ross Tucker tweeted.

Polumbus told other stories about McDaniels. Another story has McDaniels teasing his players with a "special reward."

"He hyped up a special reward after practise after completing training camp with fully padded 2 a days as often as was legal.

It was an ice cream truck and a 'Ironman' t-shirt. We were rewarded with ice cream....thank you for the creamsicle, "Polumbus penned a letter.

McDaniels has repeatedly stated that he learned from his mistakes in Denver. I hope he wasn't lying about that.