Shaq Called Out By Ben Simmons: NBA World Reaction

Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons appeared recently on "The Old Man and the Three" podcast. While on JJ Redick's show, the three-time All-Star opened up about his fighting with mental health.

"I was in such a bad place where I was like, f—-, I'm trying to get here and you people are, like, throwing all these other things at me to where you are not helping. And that's all I wanted, was help," Simmons stated when reminiscing about his time in Philly.

Simmons then made a joke about NBA icon Shaquille O'Neal that is gaining a lot of attention on social media this Thursday.

"He [Shaq] always wants to say were LSU brothers, this and that," Simmons told Redick. "If you’re my LSU brother you would have reached out by now.

Some people are baffled as to why Simmons expected O'Neal to seek out to him. "I'm sorry but what obligation does Shaq have to reach out to him," a fan tweeted.

"Who does Simmons think he is? If anything he should be the one reaching out to Shaq," a second admirer said.

On the flip hand, there are those who believe O'Neal should've offered instruction to Simmons.

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