The most painful ways to die (according to research) 

Most of us connect crucifixion with the death of Jesus Christ, yet this sort of torture extends back to roughly the 6th century BCE.


This method of execution is intended to be less painful when compared to other methods, but this isn't always the case.

2.Lethal injection

While it doesn't take forever, the process of drowning can be rather painful. To begin with, a person who is drowning is frequently panicking, which leads to hyperventilation. But instead of air, the victim will breathe in water.

3. Drowning

Many of us have experienced mild electric shocks, and they undoubtedly can be painful, but dying by electrocution is a whole different ball game.

4. Electrocution

If the prospect of burning to death makes you cringe, there is a good reason for it: it's truly horrible. Our skin contains several nerves, thus the pain felt when these burn is really acute.

5. Burning

Freezing to death is not as silent and peaceful as it might sound. In fact, it's quite the reverse. Hypothermia will make a person tremble uncontrollably in the earliest stages.

6. Freezing

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