The 11-5 Patriots had the third-best record in the AFC, but they had their eleventh consecutive bye.

#08. 2018 New England Patriots

The only 600-point offence in NFL history elevated Peyton Manning's mystique, with the limited passer driving Adam Gase's supercharged offence into previously uncharted territory.

#07. 2013 Denver Broncos

Carson Wentz was on pace for 40-plus touchdown throws before suffering two ligament injuries in December.

#06. 2017 Philadelphia Eagles

Tom Brady's suspension for Deflategate cost the Patriots a 15-1 record, yet they still went 3-1 without him.

#05. 2016 New England Patriots

After a 6-2 start that included a win in Foxborough, they lost four straight, including a 49-24 thrashing in New Orleans.

#04. 2011 New York Giants

Gronk returned to his all-world status after a ruptured ACL, while Revis made his final All-Pro team.

#03. 2014 New England Patriots

The 2000 Ravens weren't penalised much for their weak offence; the Broncos came close against a harder schedule.

#02. 2015 Denver Broncos

Prior to making the biggest statement of the decade, the Seahawks were 13-3 and had the highest DVOA (40.1 percent) of any Super Bowl champion since the 1999 Rams.

#01. 2013 Seattle Seahawks