To believe it, you must see the largest fish and chips in the world.

Many British meals carry the same significance as traditional fish and chips. According to the U.K's National Federation of Fish Friers, the average Brit consumes at least six servings of fish and chips each year.

In case you are a fish and chips noob, "chips" are thick french fries eaten with battered and deep-fried fish.

Many question the type of fish that works best, but top contenders include white fish, such cod or haddock. It's all topped with malt vinegar and salt.

Chippies are restaurants or food carts that specialized in fish and chips. The first chippie opened in the early 1800s while the actual origins are hotly questioned.

During the industrial revolution and both World Wars, they increased in relevance as working people sought the delectable convenience of a take-out dinner.

In truth, the habit of eating fish and chips on Friday nights traces back to a Roman Catholic tradition of avoiding eating other meats on Fridays.

Current Chippies use over 10% of potatoes and 30% of white fish sold in the U.K. In addition to chippies, you may find fish and chips in bars, cafes, and even resorts like the record-setting Resorts World Birmingham, U.K.

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