Insurify determined the states with the most street racing violations.

However, a street racing infraction carries a maximum $500 fine and a six-month jail sentence, which at least 11.25 drivers out of every 100,000 have had to endure.

#10. Kansas

13.13 drivers out of 100,000 have committed a street racing violation; law enforcement is probably adept at hiding in the underbrush.

#9. Nebraska

13.66 Aloha 100 drivers in the state have been cited for street racing, which carries the same punishments as Kansas.

#8. Hawaii

A violation can result in a $2,500 fine, one year in jail, and a six-month licence suspension for 13.93 drivers out of every 100,000 drivers.

#7. Virginia

With a $435 punishment, it's understandable why 14.30 drivers per 100,000 have this type of infraction on their record—more than four times the national average.

#6. Oregon

may witness street racing due to the 14.32 violations per 100,000 drivers. Despite the fact that there might be a $500 fine and five points added to one's driving record,

#5. Montana

In The Spud State, 15.95 drivers out of every 100,000 are fined for the offence, which carries severe penalties.

#4. Idaho

In Wisconsin, 18.41 out of every 100,000 drivers have been ticketed for street racing. Whatever the case, the infraction only carries a $20 to $400 charge as a penalty.

#3. Wisconsin

Given that the fine is so low—just $100—the Peace Garden State has 12.5 times more drivers with racing offences than the national average.

#2. North Dakota

More than 13 times the national average, 45.10 drivers out of every 100,000 have a street racing violation on their record.

#1. North Dakota